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We asked mum of three and fashion & lifestyle influencer @leanne.white for her top tips on wardrobe organisation and how to maximise storage space. Because as busy as life is, no one wants a floordrobe or a pile of clothes on the back of a chair.




How often do you organise your wardrobe and where do you start?
I first properly organised my wardrobe about 18 months ago. Before this it was full of clothes I didn’t wear, with no real storage system. I had shirts hanging over shirts, blazers over trousers that didn’t match, it was chaos and caused me a lot of stress trying to find things in the morning. As a mum of three this was hard - I would often reach for the same things rather than rooting through my wardrobe. I started by having a really good clear out, and now I organise it regularly. I’ll always have a proper reshuffle when the seasons change. I will start with a category like jeans, then work my way through organising each garment category at a time.

Is there a system to your wardrobe organisation?
I take out clothes that are out of season to free up space, then I organise what’s left by garment type, and then by colour. For example, all my blazers are kept together and are organised by colour, going from dark to light shades. I repeat this method across my wardrobe with everything - shirts, trousers, tops etc. Everything has a place, and it makes putting outfits together in the morning quick and easy.

Which items are best folded and which do you give precious hanging space?
I fold my jeans and keep them in drawers, and most of my knitwear is folded too. I find this is better for the fabric, as hanging can damage knits by weighing down the garment and pulling them out of shape. I tend to hang everything else. The Orderly Clothes Rail Spacer Sets are perfect for spacing things out in your wardrobe, they keep everything neat and tidy and stop your clothes becoming creased.


How do you maximise storage space?
Rotating my wardrobe every season is a must for me. It frees up space, so I have more room for the pieces I’ll be reaching for again and again over the coming months. Slimline clothes hangers are also a must, the Orderly Anti-tangle Clothes Hangers are perfect for this. They allow for much more hanging space than the bulkier hangers, and the accessories hanging rack keeps all my scarves and belts organised. I also have under-bed storage which I find useful for knitwear.

Give us your top tips for garment care?
I store my out of season clothes away in sealed boxes. I always put knitwear in mesh laundry bags and use a cold wash to protect them, and I also have an electric bobble remover to keep them in good condition. In regards to stain removal, I use a few products, but I actually find nothing works as well for whites as hanging them outside in the sun, not the best tip for the winter but now we’re entering spring that’s what I’ll be doing!



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