Recipe: Zingy Prawn Tacos With Mango Salsa

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Look no further for a no-fuss Summer recipe with these zingy prawn tacos with mango salsa. Sunny days lunching al fresco call for something light and flavoursome with minimal prep. So, once again, we’ve employed the expert guidance of Emma, food blogger at A Bit More Seasoning. She regularly creates mouthwatering recipes that hero seasonal ingredients, so you’ll have no trouble ticking them off your shopping list.

This month, she’s sharing her recipe for undeniably moreish prawn tacos and mango salsa. The great thing about tacos is they're quick to make, leaving you more time to enjoy the eating part. But be warned - they’ll be gobbled up just as fast!



Step 1: Prawn prep + pickling

Place the prawns and the marinade ingredients in a bowl and combine. Then store it in the fridge until you're ready to cook. Meanwhile, shred the cabbage and let it sit in lime juice for at least 10-20 minutes.

Step 2: Mango salsa

With a knife, dice the mango into 1cm cubes and add to a bowl with the finely chopped red chilli, red onion, and coriander. Then with a lemon squeezer, squeeze in the juice of one lime.


Step 3: Guacamole

Halve and stone two avocados, scoop out the flesh and crush using a pestle and mortar. Add spring onions, roughly chopped coriander (wash and spin first) and the juice of ½ a lime. Mix until the avocado is a smooth consistency. Taste and season with salt.


Step 4: Time to fry

Heat a frying pan to a medium/high temperature and add the prawns and marinade. Using our handy slotted turner, cook the prawns until they turn pink (about 5 minutes).



Step 5: Serving up

Assemble the tacos by adding a layer of pickled cabbage first. Then add the mango salsa, prawns, and top with guacamole. Enjoy!




30 minutes




For the prawns and marinade:

165g of raw tiger prawns*

2 garlic cloves (grated)

1 teaspoon if paprika

1 teaspoon of chipotle chilli flakes

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Juice and zest of 1 lime

Salt and pepper to season

* If meat is off the menu, simply switch prawns for mushrooms or aubergines and achieve the same delicious taste.

For the mango salsa:

1 mango (diced into 1cm cubes)

1 red chilli (finely chopped)

1 red onion (finely chopped)

Large handful of fresh coriander (finely chopped)

Juice of 1 lime

For the guacamole:

2 ripe avocados

2 spring onions (finely chopped)

Large handful of fresh coriander (roughly chopped)

Juice of 1 ½ lime

Sea salt

To assemble:

Soft tortillas (flour or corn)

Pickled red cabbage (mix shredded cabbage with a little lime juice and salt)


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