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Tips On How To Clean A Wooden Chopping Board

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Wooden chopping boards are a classic kitchen staple that can last a lifetime, but after daily use for everything from vegetables to slicing meat – it’s essential to know how to clean your wooden chopping board properly. Especially as the number one rule is – never put them in the dishwasher. Here’s how to keep yours clean and ready for anything.

How To Clean A Wooden Chopping Board


Firstly, let’s start with what NOT to do when cleaning your wooden chopping board. Never submerge your board in hot soapy water – this can create cracks on the board which are ideal for bacteria to grow in. It also ruins the smooth surfaces of the board, and it unfortunately can’t be returned to its former glory.
How can you avoid this then? First, wipe off any food, then wash the board by hand with warm water and soap. Be sure to wipe every bit of the board – front, reverse, and all the sides to capture bacteria.


When you come across tougher stains, or your board is smelling of previously prepped food, create an abrasion of lemon and salt. Scrub this simple mix into your board using a washing up brush or the squeezed half of the lemon itself. Once stains have lifted and your board is clean, simply rinse, wipe dry and leave to fully air-dry overnight. Good as new.

For longevity, when the board has dried, add some food-safe oil or wax to the board to hydrate it, then leave to dry again. This might seem like an unnecessary step, but it’s super-important for extending the lifespan of your board.


Bamboo Chopping Boards: The Low-Maintenance Alternative

Some are dishwasher safe, for example our Folio™ Steel Bamboo 3-piece Chopping Board Set, but always be sure to double check this. For example, our Cut&Carve™ Bamboo Chopping Board requires hand washing and to be wiped dry, while you should oil it regularly with food-safe oil as mentioned above.

Not sure which is the right chopping board for you? Our chopping board guide will help.


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